It’s a great opportunity to tell a story to strangers, to reach them, affect their lives, lift their spirits - it’s a wonderful gift.

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Dimitri Belikov + Biography (insp.)

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vampire academy characters, pt. I

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it’s why i love you - a mix of songs that describe the evolution of romitri

1. older - birdy // 2. flaws (acoustic) - bastille // 3. latch - kodaline // 4. tomorrow - daughter // 5. let him go - birdy // 6. touch - daughter // 7. haunt (demo) - bastille // 8. safe & sound - taylor swift // 9. start again - gabrielle aplin // 10. from the ground up - sleeping at last


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"If let myself love, I wouldn’t throw myself in front of the princess. I would throw myself in front of you.”

"It’s funny. Your reason for not loving me just…make me love you more.

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And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.

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This blog is dedicated to the actor Danila Kozlovsky and actress Zoey Deutch best known for their roles in the upcoming movie 'Vampire Academy: Blood sisters". Here you'll find graphics, edits, gifs, videos and daily news of their career and life. We are not associated with Danila and Zoey (including their team). +

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